Our Vision

An idea is born…

To understand what we envision for the Communications vNext Summit, we should start with where we began. Comms vNext, the adopted short-hand version of the conference name, came about shortly after Ignite 2017. Josh Blalock, who had never been to the legendary Lync Conference, began to observe a common theme in the #Skype4B Twitterverse: many colleagues where longing for the days of Lync Conference – a conference centered around only the applications and technologies that were common amongst the Lync and Skype for Business crowd.

The timeframe of these observations also lined up with the successful completion of another UCDayUK conference in the UK – a community-led conference centered on Office 365, attracting participants from all over Europe. Clearly, participants craved a conference that was dialed into the technologies they cared about, in a more focused and concentrated atmosphere than some of the bigger conferences, like Ignite.

It was settled. This was going to happen! Josh reached out to fellow MVP Jonathan McKinney for a sanity check, thoughts, and guidance. Once they both decided they were crazy enough to undertake such a venture, they realized they needed just a couple more crazy MVPs to round things out and get it launched, bringing Adam Ball and Pat Richard into the fold. Shortly thereafter, the Comms vNext team was born!

Comms vNext Team
From left, the Comms vNext Team: Josh Blalock, Adam Ball, Pat Richard, and Jonathan McKinney.

Let’s start with a Beta…

The first iteration of Comms vNext has been referred to as our “Beta”. The reason for this is because while the vision for this conference is much bigger, this first conference will be a bit different; somewhat of a “proving grounds” if you will.

This first conference will be taking place on Saturday, June 9th, in Denver, CO at the recently renovated local Microsoft office, and will be FREE to attend! By making this “Beta” free, we are able to give the Community a taste of the potential that this conference has. We hope to use the Comms vNext 2018 conference to build momentum for the type of conference that we feel the Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and general Microsoft UC community deserves!

The Vision.

As we mentioned, our vision for the Communications vNext Summit is much bigger than this initial “Beta” run. While we feel we are starting in the right place, in the right way, we definitely want to be able to open this conference up to a much bigger audience in 2019.

We are beyond grateful for the support and participation of our Sponsors this year, and hope to build lasting and beneficial relationships with them to deliver the type of conference that the community has been asking for since the Lync Conference ended in favor of the much larger Ignite.

Next year, we hope to expand the conference to a multi-day event, in a larger venue, with the capacity to host a much larger attendee base. And that is where YOU come in! How can you help us, you ask? (How kind of you!)

  • Follow us on Twitter: @CommsvNext
  • Tell the world about your experience at the conference on Social Media!
  • …or if you couldn’t attend, tell the world how badly you want to in the future!
  • Reach out to us at support@commsvnext.com to voice your support, give us your suggestions, or indicate a desire to participate.