It is an incredible pleasure for our team to bring to you a new conference focused solely on Microsoft UC technologies. This conference will zero in on all-things Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, & related Partner technologies. Moreover, this conference is an independent, Community-led event, created and fashioned with the Community in mind.

Without any further ado, we are proud to introduce:

Comms vNext Logo

While our vision for this conference is a larger, more traditional conference (Read more here), the first Comms vNext conference will be a smaller, more exclusive event at the Microsoft Office in the Denver Technical Center, Denver, CO on June 9th. We are pleased to make this first event FREE to all Attendees, and are extremely grateful to our Sponsors for making this possible.

So what’s in it for me?

Now that you know what Comms vNext is all about, what else can you expect if you are one of the lucky few that snags a ticket before they are gone? Let’s start with these:

Who is putting this on, anyway?

These guys:

Comms vNext Team


Ok, yes, that is MVP Pat Richard (Or is it #NotPatRichard) in there, but to restore the credibility of the group, our team also has MVPs Jonathan McKinney, Adam Ball, and Josh Blalock, so there’s that… 😉 Kidding, Pat! To read a bit more about each of us, check out the Organizers page.

Come on, you know this sounds awesome! What are you waiting for?!


We’ll see you in Denver!

The Comms vNext Crew