Sponsor Info

First of all… Thank you for sponsoring Comms vNext! This page is meant to give you the information you need to help this be a successful conference for your organization.

Power will be provided to each booth. Wired Internet will NOT be available. Wi-Fi will be provided at no additional cost. If your equipment needs a wired connection you will need to provide a Wi-Fi Bridge.

Badge scanning will be via the Mobile app component of EventSquid (our conf management platform). We are working to make sure each attendee has a QR  code on their badge that enables this.

Each Sponsor will use either their phones default QR scanning capabilities or an app. The URL from the QR code on each attendees badge will add their contact info to your Mobile app site for the conference, which when done you can email those contacts to an email address of your choice. If you would like to see what this experience is like please access it here and use your EventSquid login and password https://www.eventsquid.com/mobile/5180

You can book a hotel as part of your Sponsor Registration or you can book directly with the hotel using this URL:


There is no difference in price (Conference Rate of $159 per night) and we are guaranteed to have the lowest rate at the Renaissance during our event. Denver and Colorado in general is awesome this time of year and many people are planning to stay longer than the event to enjoy the area. Our rate is good from June 1st through June 9th.

I’ve put together a video that shows how to complete the sponsor registration. This will go over the PRIMARY registrant for sponsor (this should be a person going), and it also covers how to do a Guest registration. Depending on your level of sponsorship you have different numbers of people you can invite under your sponsorship.

Platinum: 4 total (1 Primary and 3 Guests)
Gold: 4 total (1 Primary and 3 Guests)
Silver: 2 total (1 Primary and 1 Guest)
Bronze: 1 total (Primary only)

Please watch the following video on the OneDrive link below


When you are ready to start the registration process as a sponsor, please use this link https://www.eventsquid.com/register/5180?profileName=Sponsor

During registration, you will need an Unlock code for the Sponsorship Registration item. Contact jonathan@t2mdev.com for this code, if you do not have it.

It is helpful to have email addresses for those you intend to invite as Guests to your Sponsorship before you start the registration process.

If you have any issues, please reach out to jonathan@t2mdev.com

YES! Attendees love swag and feel free to bring whatever you see fit. Please keep in mind that whatever you are giving away the Attendee will need to get it home somehow and most will be flying (some internationally).

We would like to have those as soon as possible so that we can get that info on the website and on the mobile portal. Please send information you have to pat@innervation.com

Currently we are planning these hours:

Wednesday – 10am to 5pm
Thursday – 9am to 3:30pm

We will have access to the conference area starting at noon on June 4th.

Yes, the Renaissance Stapleton will allow shipments to arrive up to 3 days before the event. Please see the PDF link below for more information from the hotel.


To pick up your items at the hotel, you will need to contact any Renaissance Stapleton staff and request to talk to Loss Prevention (LP/Security) and sign for your items. They will then deliver to wherever you like (room, Expo Hall, etc)

Each sponsor in the exhibit hall will be provided an 8′ x 5.5′ space and a 6’x2.5′ table. The table will have a skirt provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Each booth will have power provided as well. There will be no physical ethernet connections. But Wi-Fi connections are included. There will be a backdrop provided as well.

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