I’ve put together a video that shows how to complete the sponsor registration. This will go over the PRIMARY registrant for sponsor (this should be a person going), and it also covers how to do a Guest registration. Depending on your level of sponsorship you have different numbers of people you can invite under your sponsorship.

Platinum: 4 total (1 Primary and 3 Guests)
Gold: 4 total (1 Primary and 3 Guests)
Silver: 2 total (1 Primary and 1 Guest)
Bronze: 1 total (Primary only)

Please watch the following video on the OneDrive link below


When you are ready to start the registration process as a sponsor, please use this link https://www.eventsquid.com/register/5180?profileName=Sponsor

During registration, you will need an Unlock code for the Sponsorship Registration item. Contact jonathan@t2mdev.com for this code, if you do not have it.

It is helpful to have email addresses for those you intend to invite as Guests to your Sponsorship before you start the registration process.

If you have any issues, please reach out to jonathan@t2mdev.com